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Welcome to the Illawarra Folk Club

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This site contains information about the Illawarra Folk Club Inc established in 1980, the Illawarra Folk FestivalFolk by the Sea and local performers and events around the Illawarra region in New South Wales, Australia.

The Illawarra region is situated approximately 100 kilometres south of Sydney on the New South Wales coast with Wollongong as the major centre. It also includes the Shellharbour and Kiama areas.

The Illawarra Folk Club is a non-profit incorporated association comprising local musicians, dancers, poets, storytellers and culturally minded folk!

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Next Event

We Made the Steel - The Roaring Forties & Coaltown

7:30pm - 10:30pm Sat May 16th

City Diggers Wollongong - 50Burelli Street, Wollongong NSW 2500, Australia map

Our local heritage is on display at this concert. If you asked anybody the question ‘What industries best define Wollongong and its people?’ The answer would be steel and coal and it’s not surprising that musical shows have been written about them. We Made the Steel will be presented by members of Sydney based Roaring Forties and Coaltown – The Story and Songs will be presented by Sydney based group La Voce and the Illawarra Union Singers.

“We Made The Steel”

John Warner and Robin Connaughton have long careers, both as traditional folk musicians, and composers, with John being greatly the most prolific.

Robin spent his first sixteen yearsof work in JLA (John Lysaght Australia Pty Ltd.) It was John’s idea to use his recollections of the steelworks of Port Kembla and Newcastle as inspirations for a set of songs about the steelworks, and to record in this way a musical picture of an area of huge mass production employment and way of work that Australia will not see again. Although the songs come from Robin’s memories and impressions, it has been a joint work, and in many of the songs it is almost impossible to separate their inputs

This work was facilitated by the generosity of the SEARCH Foundation, who in 2011 gave them a Roger Coates Labour History Research grant. This not only made it easier to write the songs, it Steelworks archives for the photos and notes in the booklet.


Coaltown – The Story and Songs

Coaltown was an outdoor theatre production created and performed by Sydney-based professional street theatre company, Death Defying Theatre (DDT) in 1985.  Funded through the Australia Council and the ACTU’s “Art in Working Life” program, the show told a story of coal mining, unionism and the lives of mining people in Australia.

The ninety minute show featured 6 performers, 6 original songs and a 3 metre high miner. 

Devised and rehearsed in Collinsville, a pit-mining town in far North Queensland, Coaltown was presented on football fields and public reserves in 10 coal mining communities throughout eastern Australia….and then put to bed.

“Coaltown – the story and songs” tells the story of the project from conception to finale and presents a set of songs performed by the Illawarra Union Singers and La Voce.

Mystery act at 7:30pm. Doors open 7pm.

Members $10 / Non-members $15



Illawarra Folk Concerts & Events   MORE DETAILS

There is an amazing array of talent coming to Wollongong over the next few months!

Illawarra Folk Club concerts are generally held 1st Fridays and 3rd Saturdays of each month except for December at CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG and in general start at 7.30pm with a mystery act, then a support act and then the main act.

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