Illawarra Folk Club concerts are held generally on 1st Fridays and 3rd Saturdays of the month.
Tickets are available at the door.
General enquiries: 1300 887 034, info@illawarrafolkclub.org.au

Friday 4 February, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Whitetop Mountaineers (USA), Greg Quill & Jon Brooks, plus mystery artist CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Saturday 19 February, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - The Stiff Gins, Roger Montgomery & John Angliss, launch of Tunes of John McKinnon played by Alan Musgrove and De Santi Famiglia plus more CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Sunday 20 February, 1pm - Illawarra Folk Festival Thank You Concert for Volunteers, Sponsors, Festival Artists.  WONGAWILLI COMMUNITY HALL

Friday 4 March, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Pukara, Get Folked, John Dengate plus more CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Sunday 6 March, 3pm - Folk Club Concert - Martyn Wyndham-Read (UK), No Such Thing WONGAWILLI COMMUNITY HALL

Saturday 19 March, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Gilly Darby (UK/NZ), Ann Vriend (Canada) CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Friday 1 April, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - The Cottars (Canada), The Con Artists CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Saturday 16 April, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - DARK HORSES Keith Donnelley (UK) & Flossie  Malavielle (France), Nick Charles (Vic) CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG 

Friday 6 May, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - The Borderers (SA), The Do Riders CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Saturday 21 May, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Fred Smith, Martin Pearson, Liz Frencham CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Friday 3 June, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Eleanor McEvoy (Ire), Replay CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

10-13 June - Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music Tour click here for details

Saturday 18 June, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - The April Maze, Sophie & Fiachra (Ireland & Quebec), Alan Musgrove CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Friday 1 July, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Steve Tyson & the Industrious Felons (Qld), Stewart Holt, Ruby for Lucy  CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG


Saturday 16 July, 7.30pm - Folk Club Concert - Maria Forde (Vic), Jasmine and Kaija, Lilli Pang CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG


Friday 4 August - Folk Club Concert - Theme Concert - FRANK THE POET - Alan Musgrove, Bob Campbell and others CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Saturday 19 August - Folk Club Concert - Geoffrey Graham and more CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Friday 2 September - Folk Club Concert - Trojka, Danielle Karis, Alan Blackshaw CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Saturday 17 September - Folk Club Concert -  Alanna & Alicia, Ann Roxborough CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

 Friday 7 October - Folk Club Concert - Jennifer Hardy, Blue Goose Band (tbc), Duncan Chalmers CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG

Sunday 16 October 2011 8am to 7pm - FOLK IN THE FOOTHILLS, one day folk festival, 15 acts, 5 venues, JAMBEROO VALLEY LODGE more information


Friday 4 November - Folk Club Concert - Mark Davidson, Snez & more CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG 

Saturday 19 November - Folk Club Concert - The Hottentots, RAPT & more CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG 

12-15 January 2012 - 27th Illawarra Folk Festival at Bulli Showground www.illawarrafolkfestival.com.au

Thursday 15 March 2012 - Folk Club Concert - Battlefield Band & more CITY DIGGERS WOLLONGONG