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Graeme Morrison

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Folk Radio Programme
2012 Playlists

Saturdays 3pm to 5pm

The Illawarra Folk Club has supported the local community radio station VOX FM 106.9 for many years.

The Club presents a folk music programme every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm

Programme 2 June produced Denis McKay


  • Dan Berggren;Lament of the Logger's Wife;Mountain Air;Sleeping Giant
  • Martha Scanlan;One Time Charlie's Railroad Blues;ETSU Bluegrass Pride;Now and Then
  • Bonny Koloc;Amelia Earhart's Last Flight;Beginnings;Mr. Biscuit
  • Red Sea Pedestrians;Deven's Escape Hatch;Electromagnetic Escape;Independent
  • Cahalen Morrison and Eli West;Since You Took Your Leave;The Holy Coming of the Storm;Independent
  • Craig Bickhardt; Life with the Sound Turned Down;Brother to the Wind;Stone Barn
  • Jonathon Byrd;There Will Always Be A Small Time;There Will Always Be A Small Time; Independent
  • Tabache;Machrivanish- Ca' the Ewes-The Slovenian Chicken-Iain MacPherson's;Wave of Rush;KRL
  • Ry Cooder; Maria Elena;Boomer's Story;WEA
  • Ronnie Cox; How I Love Them Old Songs;How I Love Them Old Songs;Wind River
  • Booger Hollow String Band;Cabri Waltz;Where the Pavement Ends;Independent
  • Alistair Brown;Green Cottage Polkas;The De'il in the Lum;Prospect
  • Tom Rush;The Remember Song;Live in Concert;Rhino
  • Stan Graham;Streets of Belfast;By Request;Independent
  • Andrew M. Cohen;Organ Grinder Swing;Dolceola Favorites;River lark
  • Eileen Kozloff;Martha Stewart;Solitary Rider;Moosicowlia
  • Ernie Hawkins; My Poodle Has Fleas;Whinin' Boy;Corona
  • Ruthie Dornfeld and Pekka Pentikainen; Purpurivalssi;Duets Abroad;Hearth Music
  • Ruthie Dornfeld and Tapani Varis;Roska Polska;Duets Abroad;Hearth Music
  • Sandy Wright;Alligator Handbags;The Songs of Sandy Wright;Navigator Records
  • Si Kahn; Playing the Old Songs;Courage;Strictly Country Records
  • Steve Earl;Rex's Blues Ft. Worth Blues;Just an American Boy Vol 2;Artemis
  • Penny Davies and Roger Ilott;Hey Rain (Bill Scott);Bulli Bak-on-Trak;Independent
  • John Dengate;Song of Childhood;Bulli Bak-on-Trak;Independent
  • Seaman Dan; Red Shirt Day;2006 National Folk Festival;Independent
  • The Rambleers;The Maranoa Drover;The Rambleers Wattle Collection;Wattle Records
  • Irish Lords;Alex Nolf;Zither Down Under;Independent
  • Priscilla Herdman;Reedy River;The Water Lily;Philo
  • The Larrikins;Two Professional Hums [Warren];The Larrikin Sessions;Larrikin
  • Sensitive New Age Cowpersons;Only The Lonely Get Lonely;Strange on the Range;Independent

Programme 16 June produced Yvonne O’Grady


  • Spoot O'Skerry/Reel Beetroot/Noxious Reeds/Independent\
  • Phyl Lobl/Dark Eyed Daughyer/Bronzewing/Independent
  • Wongawilli/The Swaggies have all waltzed Matilda Away/After the Tradition/Independent
  • Vivienne Sawyer/Housewife/Woolly Yarns and Whimsies/Independent
  • The Roaring Forties/Bringing in the Sheaves/Shore Leave/Independent
  • Jez Lowe/Big Meeting Day/Tenterhooks/Tantobie
  • Katyusha/Tam Linn/Dirty Elevator Music/Independent
  • Mr Mole/Walking the Dog/Thin Silver Line/Independent
  • Maria Forde/Waltzing Matilda my Darling/Solo/Independent
  • Jugularity/Pig Ankle Rag/Greatest Hats/Indepenent
  • The Original Snakeskins/John Price's Ghost/Along for the Ride
  • The Dubliners/Irish Rover/25 Years Celebration/Lunar
  • Doris Matte/Waltz of Regret/Louisiana Cajun Special/Rounder
  • The McCalmans/The Children are Running Away/Honest Poverty/Greentrax
  • Vivienne Sawyer/Yodelling/Woolly Yarns and Whimsies/Independent
  • Dublin City Ramblers/Go Thoughts on Golden Wings/Flight of Earls/Dolphin
  • Ulick O'Boyle/Perisher valley/Mountain Tracks/Independent
  • The Corries/The Black Douglas/The Very Best of/EMI Records
  • Colum Sands/Looking for the Loan of a Spade/The March Ditch/Elm Grove Music
  • Felpeyu/Polka LLunga/Ya/Fono Astur
  • Kate Delaney/Timeless Land/A Moment in Time/Independent
  • Ian Hardie/My Compliments to the Biochemist/The Spider's Web/Greentrax
  • Martyn Wyndham Read/In the Bleak Midwinter/Maypoles to Mistletoe/Country Branch
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