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Presenters: Russell Hannah, Alan Musgrove, Yvonne O'Grady, Dennis McKay, Don McKerracher, Bernard Williams
Saturday 20 October 2007
Posted by Bernard Williams
steve & rosalind barnes - boris gibson’s reel/musical traditions in australia/faa
collector - driftin’ smoke of the mountains/trad&now tapestry #1/trad&now
renegade - gaffo’s ball/renegade/the daisy label
luka bloom - monsoon/amsterdam/shock records
van morrison & the chieftains - marie’s wedding/irish heartbeat/exile productions
azadoota - today is the day (anticipation)/bongo train/azadoota
renegade - got a hold of me/renegade/the daisy label
the waifs - sundirtwater/sundirtwater/jarrah records
Wongawilli - songs of the bush/wongawilli live at the local/wongawilli
Capercaille - inexile/world music 10th anniversary collection 1993-2003/ putumayo world music
harry manx - only then will your house be blessed/wise and otherwise/dog my cat records
kvonn - wrigleys/kvonn hvonn/tutl
jennifer & hazel Wrigley - the dingshowe dancers/highlights of the 2002 national folk festival/angel train ?
kvonn - alvastakkur/kvonn hvonn/tutl
renegade - the curra road/renegade/the daisy label
us not them - my home in the valley/jamberoo, a discovery
enda Kenny - easter island/ trad&now tapestry #2/trad&now
kvonn - qajaq/kvonn hvonn/tutl
luka bloom - throw your arms around me/15 years of rhythms/shock records
chris smither - leave the light on/15 years of rhythms/shock records
chris Wilson - you will surely love again/15 years of rhythms/shock records
luka bloom - sunny sailor boy/amsterdam/shock records
the waifs - sad sailor song/sundirtwater/jarrah records
holmes brothers - if i had a boat/state of grace/alligator records
the waterboys - fisherman’s blues/fisherman’s blues/ensign records
e2k - take me home/shift/topic records
Bernard Williams
Saturday 1 September 2007
Featuring artists appearing at the forthcoming Kangaroo Valley festival (7 to 9 September)
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
The lawnmowers/Eat my Dust/Jamberoo 20 years/Illawarra Folk Club
Tiffany Eckhardt/Cup of Tea/Girl Guitar/Independent
Collector/God bless you set/Jamberoo 20 years/Illawarra Folk Club
Kate Fagan/Old Station Sisters/Performer Highlights 2007/National Folk Festival
Anthony McGloin/Autumn Leaves/Nightflight/Independent
Us not them/I don't work for a living/Musical traditions in Australia/Folk Alliance
Wheeze and Suck Band/Ladbrooke Grove set/Vincent Street/Fire and Thorn
The Fagans/Your daughters and your sons/Jamberoo 10 years/Illawarra Folk Club
AllezGator/La Barane a nonc Adam/Musical Traditions in Australia/Folk Alliance
Margaret Bradford/Freddie's Daughter/Jamberoo 10 years/Illawara Folk Club
Shiny Bum Singers/An Audience with/I'm late for work again/Independent
Enda Kenny/Colours of Australia/Twelve songs/Independent
John Broomhall/McGindy's ricketty raft/Drifting down the Darling/EMI
The Roaring Forties/Rolling and Flowing/Shore Leave/Independent
Sonia Bennet/Rain in the Mountains/The songs of Chris Kempster/N.S.W Folk Federation
Phil GarlandBallad of the Rakaia/Swag O'Dreams/Kiwi Pacific records
Ted Egan/Bunch of Damned Whores/The Land Downunder/Evergreen media
Frank Kelly/Ayatollah Caeli Band/Comedy Countdown/Lunar recording
Sheena Wellington/Seattle/Strong Women/Greentrax
Bernard Bolan/Basingstoke/An eclectic collection/Independent
The Dubliners/McAlpines Fusiliers/15 years on/Chyme music
Judy Small/Charlesworth Bay/Jamberoo 10 years/Illawarra Folk Club
Alan Musgrove/Natalie Guy's schottische set/Australian Old time fiddle/Independent
Saturday 4 August 2007
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
Sula/To live is to fly/Overseas/Danish Musicians Union
John Baker Duo/Senorita/Slow music/Mixmaster record
Battlefield Band/A mile down the road set/Happy Daze/Temple
Wheeze and Suck Band/Rag and Bone/Elsie Marley's Mates/ Fire and Thorn records
Aly Bain/Hangman's reel/Aly Bain/Whirlie records
Edith Piaf/Non je ne regrette rien/ Non je ne regrette rien/E.M.I
Jenny Vincent Trio/El Chotis/Music of New Mexico/Independent
James KeelaghanSweeetgrass Moon/A recent future/Green Linnet
Katyusha/Two sisters Reel/Dirty Elevator music/Independent
Stan Rogers/Wreck of the Athens Queen/Best of  Vol /Independent
Alan Musgrove/Oritave waltz set/Australian Old time Fiddle/Red Shed recording
Gill Rees/Reflections at Ellery Creek/Dulcimer Dreaming/Independent
Dan McKinnon/Kith and Kin/Fields of dreams and Glory/Millstream
The Cullivoe Band/Shetland Waltzes/Willie's last session/Greentrax
Jez Lowe/A few frontiers/Jack's Common Anthem/Tantobie/
Blue the Shearer/The Thong/Blue the Shearer/Independent
Matty Ellis/Forgotten Song/The Ellis Collective/Independent
Martyn Wyndham Read/The Broken Hearted Shearer/Beyond the red Horizon/Fellside
Swinging Fiddles/First Century reel set/Wir Waandering/INdependent
Priscilla Herdman/Reedy River/Songs of Chris Kempster/N.S.W Folk Federation
Senor Cabrales/Dancia Pelegrina set/Live@Warpstanza gallery/Independent
Skedaddle/The old Concertina/Take me Down the Harbour/Independent
High Times String Band/San Antonio Rose/High Times String Band/Whoopy Doo recording
Shaskeen/Fahy's set/Atlantic Breeze/Greenfields

Saturday 30 June 2007
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
Alasdair White/The Amorous Lover/an Clar Geal/Temple
The Lost Chords/Little cabin on the Hill/The Lost Chords/Independent
Alan Reid/54 Winters/Under the Blue/Red Sands records
Jugularity/Indecisive/Big House/Kaleidoscope Music
Faerd/The Auld restin' Chair/Logbok/Tutl
Peter Baxter/Where the Snowy River Flows/Since Then/Stuntpram
The McCalmans/Who Pays the Piper/Flames on the water/Greentrax
Stan Rogers/The Nancy/Best of Vol 1/
The Kilfenora Ceili Band/Reels/Irish traditional Fidlde music/Legacy International
Carmel Charlton/Lonely City/Whispers on the Wind/Independent
Harvest Moon Band/Crampton's Big Show/In Some old Shed/Independent
Hildebrand and O'Leary/The Texas rangers/Together again /Independent
Robert Hart/Only one great Love/Lullaby of the Dolphins/Independent
Steve and Ros Barnes/Longest night of the Year/Patterns in the sand/Western Wave
\Barro with the Teardrops/Cameron Two step/Louisiana Cajun Special
Bruce Watson/I Wish I could Write Songs like Eric/Out my Window/Independent
Swingin' Fiddles/Wizard's Walk set/Wir Waandering/Independent
Shaskeen/Mulroy Bay/The Mouse Behind the Dresser/Greenfields Studios
The Champion Moreton bay Band/Bodmin Riding/Always goes down well/Sundown
Filska/The Quaff lassies set/A Thousand Miles away/Footstompin records
Dan McKinnon/Rose Of Allendale/Fields of dreams and Glory/The Millstream
Battlefield band/Ely Parker set/The Road of Tears/Temple
The Dubliners/The Call and the Answer/30 Years a greying/Chyme misic
Tony Cuffe/Caledonia/When I first went to Caledonia/Iona

Saturday 2 June 2007
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
Burke;Cunningham;LeMaitre/Cutting Bracken Set/The Celtic Fiddle Festival/Green Linnet
Carmel Charlton/Up,Down South/Whispers on the Wind/Independent
Hobart Old Time String Band/Uncle Affie's Tap/H.O.T string Band and friends/Independent
John Broomhall/On the Bridge at Wilcannia/Drifting down the Darling/E.M.I
No Such Thing/Moonan Flat set/ N.S.T./Independent
Phil Garland/Jewel of Whakaraupo/Swag o' Dreams/Kiwi Pacific records
No Such Thing/Echuca Waltz/N.S.T/Independent
Judy Small/The family Maiden Aunt/The best of/Crafty maid Music
Balfa Toujours/The Freeman Fontenot Medley/La Ponte /Rounder
Martyn Wyndham Read/El Dorado/Beneath a Southern Sky/Fellside
Battlefield Band/The Clumsy Lover set/On the Rise/Temple records
The Wedderburn Old Timers/Barn dance/Live at Fenton's creek
Alan Reid/The last lighthouse Keeper/Under the Blue/Red Sands records/
Mattawa/Carlton Weaver/Where Waters Meet/Independent
Fiddler's Bid/Seven Step Polka/Naked and bare/Greentrax
Jez Lowe/The Sea and the deep blue devil/Jack Common's anthem/Tantobie
Wheelers and dealers/Hard Times/Full House/Independent
Wheeze and Suck Band/Horses Bransle/Vincent Street/Fire and Thorn
Bernard Carney/The Flatulence calypso/The Bernard Carney Collection/Tempo
Sheena Wellington/Strong Women rule us all with their tears/Strong Women/Greentrax
Alan Musgrove/Unnamed Polka set/Australian Old time Fiddle/Independent/
Mariachi los Romanticos/El Cumbanchero/Highlights of 2007 National festival
The Mammals/Wandering Boy/Evolver/Humble Abode music/
Shaskeen/Shaskeen set reels/25th Silver Jubilee/GTD Heritage recording
Saturday 5 April 2007
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
Fiddler's Bid/Naked and Bare/Forayer Tune/Greentrax
Robin Laing/The Forth Bridge Song/Scotland. The Music and Song/Greentrax
The Dubliners/Four Green Fields/15 Years on/Chyme Music
Brass Monkey/The Miller's Three Sons/The Complete Brass Monkey/Topic records
Pol Queffeleant/Milag/Triskell/Keltia Musique
Faerd/Walz fur Frieda/Logbok/Go Danish Folk Music
Jeppokrydonna/Grannas Bastan Polska/Music from Jeppo/Finlands Svenska
Bavaria/Mountain Boy Yodel/20 All time favourites/Hughes leisure Group
Misha and Amir/Russian Folk Potpourri/Tragourtha/Radio 4EB
Quartette Laseyer/Berrewegge,Chis ond Brot/Landler/Universal
Bouzoukis/Memories of Greece Medlay/Bouzoukis of Greece/Polydor
The Transylvaniacs/Brickdusty Drunkard/Messzi Foldrol Muzsikalunk/
Giancarlo Savori/Tarantella de Rossini/La Fisarmonica/Dejavu Retro
Felpeyu/Chaleneru/TierraFono Astur
Klezmeritis/Tanx Tanz Yiddelekh/Klezmeritis/Kaleidoscope Music
Blackwood/Seswalo's Kwela/never at Home
Hoa tau/ Chung Moy Niem Tin/Vang Trang Tieng Dan/Nghiem Trong Cuong
Prince Edward Island Fiddlers/Stan's Jig/P.E.I. fiddling Style/Rounder records
The Balfa Brothers/Lacassine Special/Cajun Various Artists/Rounder Heritage
Roz Brown/ Colorado Waltz/My Best to you/High EchoLake Productions
Inka Marka/La Cascada/Wiracocha/Black market Music
Bloodwood/The Overlanders/The Bloodwood Collection
St Joseph's Maori  College/ Ruawharo/He Koha Waiata/South Pacific recordings
Kalapa Tauataina/Talofa Teine/Tragurtha/adio 4EB
Saturday Nov 4, 2006
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
Wongawilli/Collected tunes medley/After the Tradition
Bernard Bolan/I'm a lazy/An eclectic collection/Eclectic enterprise
St.Josephs Maori Girls College/Hine e Hine/He Koha Waiata/South Pacific recordings
Declan Affley/The T.A.B song /Declan Affley
Fiddlers' Bid/Troila Knowe/Naked and Bare/Greentrax
Phoenix/The Field behind the Plough/Any old Time
Battlefield Band/The Clumsy Lover set/On The Rise/Temple records
Karen Lynne/I'll just pretend/Second Wind/Shoestring
Jugulartiy/Waltzing an Elephant/Greatest Hits/
Rod Paterson/Ballad of the D-Day Dodgers/Hamish Henderson tribute album/Greentrax
Peta Lithgo/Buloji/Travelling Light
Balfa Toujours/Le reel de Courville/La Pointe/Rounder records
Gill Rees/Mandy's Broadway Stroll/Dulcimer dreaming
O'Leary and Hildebrand/Erie Canal/Together again
Faerd/Finsk brademarsch/Logbok/Danish Arts Council
Ted Egan/God's Police/The Land Downunder/Evergreen Media
The Sensitive New Age Cowpersons/Grief pain and Heartache/S.N.A.C.S.
Phil Garland/White's Hotel/Swag o' Dreams/Kiwi Pacific records
Chris Kempster Sonia Bennett/Rain in the mountains/The Songs of Chris Kempster/N.S.W Folk Fed.
Red Inglis/You can't be Fit as a Fiddle/Cigareets,Whuskey and other Hillbilly masterpieces
The Corries/ThePortree Kid/The Compact Collection/Lismor
Dave DeHugard/Magpie Morning/Jamberoo the first ten years/IllawarraFolk Club
Judy Small/Charlesworth Bay/Jamberoo the first ten years/Illawarra Folk Club
The Kilfenora Ceili Band/Watch my Foot set/Set on stone/ Dolphin records

Saturday Oct 7, 2006
Posted by Yvonne O'Grady
Faerd/Finsk brademarsch/Logbok/Danish Arts Council
Alan Musgrove/Squire Scoble/The Bagman's Gazette
Peppino Principe/La Cumparsita/LaFisarmonica/Dejavu retro
The Bards/The Ferryman/Classic Irish Ballads/Tara recordings
Sheena Wellington/Seattle/Strong Women/Greentrax
Psycho Zydeco/Johnny can't dance/Get on Board/Black Swamp
James Keelaghan/Refugee/Timelines/Festival
Tommy Scott //Red River Rose/Royale Highland Showband/Scotdisc
Wheeze and Suck Band/The Bristol Mail/Vincent Street/Fire and Thorn
Mike jackson/He played his ukelele as the ship went down/Singing in the night time/Toetapper
Louis McManus/The Swedish Jig/With a heart and a hand
Engadiner Landlefrunda/Guggel Walzer/Landler Hit Parade/Universal
The Wedderburn Old Timers/Pride of Erin/Live at Fenton's Creek
Alan Blackshaw/Changi/Maybe this year
Battlefield Band/Miss Drummond of Perth set/Stand Easy/Topic
Mandy Breeze Doug Kelly/Month of January/Simple Folk/Soundcolour
Jeppokrydonna/Russell'sJig/Folk music from Jeppo/Vindauga music
John Broomhall/Silverton Pub/Free as the Breeze/Festival
Phyl Lobl/Ribbon of Life/Alcyone/Bronzewing
Kilmarnock/Spey in Spate set/Fiddling around/Hard Yakka
Eilean Mor/Edinburgh Hogmanay/35 degrees south/Eilean Mor records
Bruce Watson/I wish I could write songs like Eric/Out my Window
Nathan Abshire/Fee-fee pon-cho/Pine Grove Blues
The McCalmans/farewell tae the Haven/Flames on the Water/Greentrax
Faerd/Walz for Frieda set/Logbok/Danish Arts Council

Posted by Yvonne O'Grady

Joseph Cormier/The College set/Velvet Arm Golden Hand/Patio records
Phil Garland/Hokonui Whisky/A Sense of Place/Kiwi Pacific records
Chris Kempster/The Outside Track/The Songs of Chris Kempster/Folk Federation of N.S.W.
Giancarlo Zucchi/Espana Cani/La Fisarmonica/Dejavu Retro Gold
Tonight at Noon/TheBanks of Marble/Down to the Devils/Lismor
The Champion Moreton Bay Band/Walter Bulwer's Polkas/Always goes down well/Sundown
The Dubliners/The Manchester Rambler/30 Years a-Greying/Lunar records
The Dubliners/Drag that Fidle/30 Years a-Greying/Lunar records
Psycho Zydecho/Stay in or Stay out/Get on Board/Black Swamp
Les Barker/Have you got any news of the Iceberg?/Up the Creek Without a Poodle/Mrs.Ackroyd records
Collector/God Bless you and Bugger me set/Pumpkin and Bear
John Croall/The Braes o'Balquihdder/The Complete songs of Robert Tannahill/Brechin all Records
Colum Sands/The Wake Song /The Note that lingers 0n/Elm Grove music
Peter Zinsli/Dr. Wentalaschieber/Landler/Universal music
The Fagans/Your Daughters and your Sons/Common Treasury/Mossbawn music
Felpeyu/Munera L Centro/Ya/Secret Street
Battlefield Band/Bad Moon Rising/On the Rise/Temple records
Jo-el Sonnier/Bayou Teche Waltz/Cajun Life/Rounder records
H.O.T./Pig Ankle Rag/Hobart old time string band/
Pat Ryan Ken Howard/Lancashire Fusilier/The Judas trap/Rivington records
Kilfenora Caeli Band/The '95 Jigs/Set on Stone/Torc Music
Burach/The Green Loch/The Weird set/Greentrax
The Chipolatas/Sweet Lassi set/Skinless/Hoodlum

Saturday Sept 2, 2006

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