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Concert Bookings

The Illawarra Folk Club has produced a number of recordings since 1994 to celebrate the Illawarra Folk Festival. The Club has also produced 3 cookbooks from recipes from members and performers who played at the Club.


Jamberoo - 10 Years

The Club produced a 10th Festival Anniversary CD in 1994. Performers included on the CD are Ted Egan, Eric Bogle, Judy Small, Dave de Hugard, Cantolibre, Nerys Evans, Jim Haynes, Gordon McIntyre & Kate Delaney, Settlers Match, Blue the Shearer, John Broomhall, Wongawilli, The Fagans, Margaret Bradford, Alan Scott, Finn Castle Mill, John Dengate, Alan Musgrove, and Kevin Baker

Jamberoo - A Change of Season, 2000

A compilation featuring 19 artists from the 17th Illawarra Folk Festival held in September 2000 including Jigzag, Neil Adam and Judy Turner with Felpeyu, John Broomhall, Mattawa, Duncan Chalmers, Jane Brownlee & Saul Richardson, Karen Lynne and Acoustic Shock, Us Not Them, David Hyams, Bloodwood, Blue the Shearer, The Poachers, Alan Musgrove, Helen Rivero, Wongawilli, The Rattlers with Maurie Mulheron, Ted Egan, Neil Murray, Phil Garland.

Jamberoo - A Discovery, 2003

22 artists from the 19th Illawarra Folk Festival at Jamberoo in September 2003 including Spoot o' Skerry, Margret Roadknight, Dogwater, Broderick Smith, Merri-May Gill, Pyscho Zydeco, Chris Wilson, Akin, Blue the Shearer, Kavisha Mazzella, Loaded Dog, Penelope Swales, Michael Fix, Us Not Them, Bernard Carney, Vardos, Paul Greene, Lonnie & Helen, Frencham Smith, Bernard Bolan, Wongawilli, and The Hottentots

Jamberoo - A Celebration, 2004

This a double CD with 41 artists, over 140 minutes, celebrating the 20th Illawarra Folk Festival at Jamberoo held in September 2004. The Festival was established in 1986 by the Illawarra Folk Club and has been held annually with 2 in 2001.This compilation includes the following artists: Alan Musgrove & Bob McInnes, Alan Scott, Bush Music Club Concert Party, Alex Hood, Alex Legg, Bhan Tre, Blue the Shearer, Bruce Watson, Cantolibre, Cathy Gibson and Gary Brown, Collector, David Beniuk, Dennis O'Keeffe, Doch, Duncan Chalmers, Elena Higgins, Enda Kenny, Gary Shearston, Graeme Johnson, Jane Brownlee, Joe Dolce, John Dengate, KaOZ Klezmer, Karen Lynne & Acoustic Shock, Kevin Baker, Kurdish Earth, Mal Webb, Malumba, Maria Forde, Martin Pearson, Nood Uit Gang, Pat Drummond, Peter Willey, The Lawnmowers, Tonchi, Touchwood, Trevor Knight, Tulca mor, Us Not Them, Vivienne Sawyer, Wheeze and Suck Band, Wongawilli

Bulli - The Tradition Continues, 2006

Artists include: Vivienne Sawyer, Slacky Flat Festival Band, Lin Van Hek, Neil Adam & Judy Turner, Bhan Tre, Joe Dolce, Nick Charles, Davidson Brothers, Chloe & Jason Roweth, Cantolibre, John Dengate, Jigzag, Helen Rowe, KaOZ Klezmer, Junior, Steve & Ros Barnes, Alan Musgrove, Women in Docs, Vince Brophy, madd marianne, Maureen O'Brien, The Rhythm Hunters, Wongawilli

Bulli - Bakontrak, 2007

Over 74 mnutes of playing time with 24 tracks with: The Borderers, Penny Davies & Roger Ilott, Andrew Winton, Enda Kenny, Chloe & Jason Roweth with Jim McWhinnie, women in docs, Settlers Match, The Counterfeit Gypsies, Wongawilli, Jigzag, John Dengate, Penelope Swales, Coolgrass, Ann Lehmann and Anna Jarrett, Alan Musgrove, Lucy & Larissa, Hoddle, Azadoota, Pettibone, Dave de Hugard, Junior, Wheeze & Suck Band, John Broomhall, Slacky Flat Festival Band playing The Coopers Song.

This is the 22nd folk festival conducted by the Illawarra Folk Club and the sixth compilation CD of the talented and varied performers who will be part of making this years festival a memorable event. Last year was a new beginning for us as we moved our 20 year old festival from Jamberoo to Bulli. We were unsure of the outcome and called our CD ‘The Tradition Continues’. Fortunately the Festival was a success and now seems to have permanently bedded down at Slacky Flat in Bulli. We’re ‘Back on Track’ and sit just beside, what some folk like to call the oldest track in the world - a track down the escarpment said to be used by Aborigines for the last 20000 years.