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The renovated City Diggers Wollongong, formerly the Wollongong Ex-Services Club, is the main venue for the concerts. Concerts are generally held 1st Fridays and 3rd Saturdays of each month except in January.

Details of the next concert are below as well as what is coming.


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Shellharbour House Concert with Martin Pearson

2pm for 2.30pm start, Sunday 31 August 2014

Cost is $20 members $25 non members 

Bookings essential: or ring Russ on 0488971777 or Mairi on 4296 2339 or Robyn on 1800 887 034.

In The world's funniest male, long-haired, Victorian, piscean folk singer. Formerly of the act "Martin Pearson", Martin has rose to fame like a dead pigeon in a water tank. Martin plays the fool in B sharp.

Martin is a very funny satirical performer. He has been amusing, even thrilling audiences around the globe for ages now, and if you haven't seen him live - you're missing out.

Martin tickles the funny bone. The act is full of scintillating , he has an ability to take current events and observations of everyday life, and turn them into side splitting comedy routines.

Comments by critics include:

You will love Martin for his quick wit in his political and social satire, some of which is a vehicle for his easy folk singing, self-accompanied on guitar.

Pearson is a seasoned trouper of the folk festival circuit and he reveres few sacred cows, neither Prime Minister nor Pope all are grist to Pearson's musical mill and get the treatment from his creative pen.

He is a good yarn-spinner, and time passes quickly, as it does when you're having fun.

Variety and wit and effortlessly polished vocal performances. Martin has the outstanding ability to engage the audience, swapping banter and taking them on a wonderfully varied trip. One moment there are members of the audience rolling in their chairs and the next, you could hear a pin drop while they're spellbound by a simply sublime performance.


1.30pm Sunday 17 August 2014

(followed by The Curious Renditon Orchestra and The Con Artists from 3pm to 5pm)

FIGGY BOWLO, The Avenue, Figtree

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